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Oligo Maker is the smartest and most comprehensive Antisense Oligo design and analysis tool ever created. It was developed in collaboration with Oligo Expert for the Apple iOS platform, and is used exclusively by Oligo Expert to provide its customers with the best oligo designs and analyses possible. Oligo Maker incorporates the most advanced nearest neighbor rules for thermodynamics and incorporates a proprietary “Oligo Score” to provide the best RNA, DNA or PMO oligo possible. The Oligo Score takes into account comlementarity (Intermolecular pairing) and dimer formation (Intramolecular pairing) as well as many other criteria. In design mode and depending on the desired oligo length range, GC content range, and Tm (melting temp) range, Oligo Maker can scan a target RNA for optimal oligos and list them in order from best to worst. Comprehensive information can be saved and emailed for easy incorporation into your workflow. Special thanks goes to Nicholas Le Novere at the European Bioinformatics Institute for the nearest-neighbor thermal melt data. References for equations and other information about Oligo Maker is available to customers of Oligo Expert upon request.

The application is not available for download as it is exclusively being used by Oligo Expert. However, if you haven’t already done so, you can order your one free oligo design or other services from oligo expert.

Why is Oligo Maker important for your work in antisense?

  • Oligo Maker uses advanced algorithms to take the guesswork out of designing oligos. Oligo Maker looks at all of the critical properties and then lists oligos from best to worst. The other guys’ tools are either outdated, complicated, or missing the critical information necessary to make the right choices.
  • Oligo Maker incorporates the most recent published information regarding hydrogen bonding characteristics and thermal melt calculations. Oligo Expert will provide you not only with the sequence and the melting temp for an oligo but all of the critical information for each oligo designed.
  • Yes, Oligo Maker is proprietary for Oligo Expert and the data is not free. However, oligo expert provides the service with every design and will discuss options and typically provide several good options. The information Oligo Expert provides is entirely yours and it is encrypted and secure both in-app and on oligo expert.com.
  • Oligo Expert has more than 20 years experience in oligo design dating back to a PC application built in the ’90s called Cloneworks. Today’s Oligo Maker incorporates everything learned about oligo design and analysis and puts it in one application.