About Us

Moballo, LLC is a small iOS, watchOS, and Mac development company originally based out of Corvallis, Oregon (USA) and now also co-based out of Seattle, Washington (USA) and Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Moballo was started as an informal group under the name CBT/CBTech/CBTech Apps (all abbreviations for Corvallis Beta Technologies) by a small group of high school students, led by Jason Morcos, who were Apple enthusiasts interested in beta testing the latest Apple iOS software. After a year or two, Jason became very interested in iOS development and learned rudimentary Objective-C and released an application (CmdRef) in the language before transitioning to and learning far more Swift when the language became available. All of Moballo’s current apps are written in Swift (or as an Swift/Objective-C hybrid with a Swift base). As the founders went their separate ways to continue their educations, the group slimmed down extensively and transitioned to the name Moballo in early 2015. Under the name Moballo, the fledgling app development group became a member of the Steady Properties, LLC company and published all apps under this company name for many years, working with other members of the Steady Properties, LLC group, such as Oligo Expert, to produce a large variety of apps. In 2017, Moballo grew up and incorporated as a domestic LLC registered in the State of Oregon, USA, with CEO Jason Morcos at the helm. We hope you enjoy our growing array of apps, both paid and free. Cheers!